We are a group of scientists conducting research on how biosphere-atmosphere-human interactions are affecting tropospheric oxidation capacity

Our main research activities are deploying gas phase atmospheric constituents monitoring instrumentation to the field to constrain tropospheric oxidation capacity. The outcomes of activities are expected to deepen our understanding of

1) air pollution from secondary photochemical products such as ozone and secondary organic aerosols

2) radiative forcers such as methane, secondary aerosols and ozone

3) how photochemical interactions between anthropogenic air pollutants and  natural origin reactive constituents are affecting local and regional oxidation capacity

Field deployable chemical instrumentation we currently have are

1) Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer for OH/HO2+RO2/H2SO4 quantification

2) Low Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer for OH reactivity or atmospheric radical observations

3) Cavity ring-down spectroscopy for atmospheric NO2 quantification