Wholesome Grad content

Our sunshine Daun graduated!


Super wholesome hug

Dianne getting hooded!!

Another wholesome hug

high five!

Dianne and Saewung taking a shot after Dianne successfully defends

Celebrating Dianne’s defense the Kim Lab way

When Gracie sees Daun <3

Just your everyday in the lab

just TA things

Our sunshine Anne giving her practicum presentation. You go Anne! We stan a queen

Whatcha workin’ on Bella?

Lunch time!

solder duty

Safety first!

Mr. Earth working hard

Birthday meeting!

We’re so happy because we finished building the whole air sampling system

Pizza party because we finally shipped out the whole air sampling system! Whew!

Happy, healthy lab

Top of the world hike. Feb. 2019

Big bend Laguna Hike. March 2019

Our dorky lab group at the 2019 grad retreat at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Center. April 2019.

We like to party sometimes

Happy Birthday Daun!

Peter’s farewell party. March 2019.

Lab girls’ night at KBBQ. January 2019.

Start of the year party. Sept. 2017

Holiday party. Dec. 2016

Dasa’s farewell dinner. Feb. 2019

A master at work

Saewung’s Kimchi Burgers. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ yelp elite certified